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 Applying to be gm

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PostSubject: Applying to be gm   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:23 am

Hi there,
as the title above i would like to apply for InGame Volenteer or commonly known as GM.
Here are few details about me.

Name: Izuddin @ Dino
On9 hours : 12-15 hours per day in RYL server that i played before and currently playing.

- 3++ years in playing RYL1 and 2 and know a bit bout in game/ off game probs that players usually face,
- Admin and Forum Admin in Ryl Aventura
- Quite good in English and Bahasa melayu

Attitude : Friendly, Helpful.

Why you should pick me:
- im always be in game all the time (more than 1/2 day per day)
- im very helpful to others if they need help.
- can help catch scammers and prison them
- can work under pressure for sure

so if u think im suitable for the job then just let me know.pm me here or email me at izuddin_rockboy(ym/msn)
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Applying to be gm
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